About Moringa Nature

Ecological spirit

Our company was born with the aim of improving people’s health and nutrition. That is why we cultivate, transform and package all the Moringa we commercialise. To ensure it is always a 100% organic product.

Moringa en capsulas


Our state

Our estate is located in a privileged position. Almería, in the south of Spain, is not just the European region with more sunshine hours, but it is also one of the most valued agricultural areas in the main markets of the word.

We have a great agricultural tradition, a verified quality in organic production, high European production standards and a location which allows to radically reduce the ecological footprint with regard to other production areas.


Full process

The transformation area is next to the estate, which reduces time, guarantees an optimal condition of the product and reduces the environmental impact

Once the leaf is harvested, it is washed and dried in a space specially prepared to protect it from the sun or any other external element.

Once it is dried, depending on the case, it is left as it is, transformed in powder or encapsulated.

The full process, including the final packaging, is carried out at the same estate where the Moringa is grown.

Moringa en capsulas


Organic Production

SHC certificacion
EUROPA certificacion
VEGAN certificacion

Currently, Moringa Nature has the certificate of ecological producers, processors, packers and marketers ensuring the adequacy of our crops to the strictest standards of organic agriculture.

We are also partner with The Vegan Society of United Kingdom.


Leandro Becerra


Agronomist. Leandro Becerra is specialised in organic farming and he is the entrepreneur behind Moringa Nature.

For more than a decade, he has been spread about urban and organic farming and about healthy eating from “Cultiva Salud”.

For the last five years, he has also been an organic fruit and vegetables farmer. This knowledge has allowed him to promote Moringa Nature, one of the first initiatives of Moringa farming in Spain.

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